My first E paddle

for fun while waiting to do an efoil, I printed this:

F4125 300Kv Motor
150 amp esc
lipo 6s 3300mha

after my tests, I get:
50 amps
speed 5/6 km/h
autonomy of 4 minutes at full speed

I did not expect to have a higher speed with this configuration, but more autonomy … because even if I put a 10A battery, I would not be able to reach 15/20 minutes (what I am looking for in autonomy )
Subsequently if I manage to improve this set, I would put bigger batteries.

So, according to you how can I have more autonomy?
by completely changing the design of the cage, of the propeller? The cage seems very big to me lol


what propeller can you recommend? print in 3d

thank you

Check data on this :

I hope this will help

20v 650w 1900rpm 7kg

And the new one apparently :

A Jan 2018 video with T200 motors using a wired remote connected to their 60usd thruster commander board you can replicate or replace with a cheap remote controller.