My last 52mm propulsion

I always wanted a fine (52mm) and light propulsion for surfing


Nice idea to way to fix motor and gearbox mount :+1:

Virus, just watched your video. I too want to enclose an in-runner in an aluminum tube and I really like the idea of using a mechanical seal. Any chance you could share your files with me so I can machine my own?

Hi friend, sorry but it’s a handmade prototype. I dont have cad files :disappointed:

I get it. Great video! I’m struggling trying to figure out how to seal the motor using O-rings and mechanical seals. Guess I’ll just go the trial and error method and hope I don’t flood too many motors. But keep posting your successes. You’re an inspiration!

Let me ask you this. What wall thickness of aluminum tube did you start with? And did you use a lathe to turn the internal threads? I’ve been trying to use 56 mm ID tubing with 1.6
mm wall thickness. Just too thin for threads.

Just treat the motor in corrosion X first. Then even if you get a water leak it won’t matter.

My motor and gearbox diameter = 40mm

The system must be totally waterproof. Salt water destroys the wires and gearbox. A lot of problems.