My new project for Outrunners



Nice , don’t forget , one in larger and don’t spin , the other one under pressure must have room sideway to spin freely

I would put it between stator and rotor or at the end with a clip on the shaft

On your pic I don’t see where it goes ?

Die Funktion und die Einbaulage eines Axial Lagers ist mir bekannt :slightly_smiling_face:
Habe jahrelang RC Helis geflogen und BL Motoren dafür entwickelt.

Gruss und Danke

Please try to use Google translation. The translation won’t be perfect but everybody will be able to understand what you are trying to say. Plus, this might help you improve your English :grinning:

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I wanted to tell Alexandre that I know how a thrust bearing works.

The mast base is fixed in the board with a 5mm alu plate and 2 layers CFK.

Looking good. Is this 80100 or 63100?

Are you here too?

Its 6384 with 120kv and 12s Lipo , 130HV ECS .
The Outrunner ist painted with Epoxy about the wires

I cant open that ?

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which prop are you using?

I make later Pictures from Props:
i use a many Props smile:

Yamaha 2Hp
Outbord 7,8x5 , 7x8 ,
3D Printed from Pacificmaster and others :wave:

Too time i build a faltable Prop for smale Budget in alu .

What prop was best? Looking for alternatives for my 3000 RPM motor.

7x8 Plastik Prop for outborders (eBay)
Gruss Frank

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I just received it and it is huge!!!

7 Zoll halt :joy:

Kleiner drehen geht ja auch noch

Are you measuring foil height with that stick trailing behind you? It looks similar to what they use on a moth!

Edit: Upon closer inspection, that is the water cooling exhaust stream. Oops!

What you mean :thinking::thinking: