My next Drive for test

PLE 60 with 9:1
56114 780kv
Folding Prop 7x8
Nice Mast Clamp from Hiorth :+1:

Greetings Frank


Nice. That will be powerful. Did you waterproof the ple?

no, I will glue a thin aluminum plate to the cables in the aluminum tube.
the ple remains as it is.
it has 50% infill.
Greetings Frank

das heißt das Wasser ins Getriebe kommt. Machst du das dann regelmäßig auf?

No, no water gets into the transmission.
The transmission is tight, the engine too.
All transitions are provided with sealing compound.
The 60s gearbox is easy to open anyway for checking, even the prop can stay tuned.
It is filled with 80W gear oil from the scooter.
The gearbox has already had a few trips with a 600Kv motor and another prop. Was OK, but more Performance is never wrong. :blush:

But the bearings are not watertight

Bis jetzt schon :slightly_smiling_face:
Greetings Frank

Your folding prop looks nice… Interesting to see how it behaves in terms of vibration and efficiency :wink:

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Do you have link whare can i buy this gearbox?