Mytech Remote V2 vs. V3! Confusing

Sorry but this is really confusing! I bought 2 Maytech V2 (MTSKR2005WF) and resigned myself to the necessary upgrades to make it waterproof. I was also able to fix one display already with the help of the info here and I now everything is hopefully tight.

Now I read on the Maytech website that there should be a V3 extra for water sports or Efoils (MTSKR1905WF ). Supposedly also without brake.

What interests me, is there now also a mode without reverse?! The problem is that I have some good controllers from the RC model aircraft here, which simply do not get along with the signal from the V2 (for example Phoenix Edge HV 120 AMP ESC, 12S / 50.4V, no BEC). The problem is that the controllers calibrate the throttle channel to a remote control, i.e. 100% stick up and 100% stick down. They then make a complete throttle curve from this, i.e. stick down equals engine off and stick all the way up equals full throttle. This has the consequence that you get the controller only activated if you program the full brake as zero. If you release the break you get half throttle, which is not a good idea :-). Even in VESC mode, the setting Cycle and Nunchuk brings no improvement.

Is the brake not active in the Maytech V3 Efoil version? I need a 100% throttle on the lower pusher!?

thx olli