Naish TGIF sale

I have no relationship with Naish but wanted to let the community know they have a sale going on today (and maybe longer). Some foils are 60% off. I just got another one for my second build. They are more expensive than some, but their build quality is outstanding.

Post them links please…

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Which did you get? I have the Naish Thrust XL and already broke the stab by resting it in the sand with the weight of the board on it (stress fracture in the connector that attaches the stab to the fuse). I’m going to fix it myself, but considering replacing it with something homegrown.

I have a 2019 Thrust WS Complete plus a 2019 Thrust Surf, Medium and an extra front fin that is a Large.

I can’t believe the stab broke. Mine appears to be bulletproof after numerous stupid mishaps on my part. I regularly rest it on the concrete floor of my boathouse and haven’t even noticed any real scratching. I would definitely contact Naish for a replacement. They are a pretty reputable company.

55cm mast is just too short… 65cm is the absolute shortest I like.

  1. Has anyone used the abracadabra system yet with an efoil? It seems like it would be tough to make work with the wires.
  2. Anyone tried their thrust kite foil? I am curious what the slowest speed is that it can comfortably fly.

I use the 55cm because I live on a waterski lake and it is very shallow. It really does work fine after you get used to it. Sometimes the motor breaches the surface and you take a plunge but that’s okay with me. :slight_smile:

I’m interested in hearing about the kite foil as well.

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I do both ski lakes and ocean and once I got used to a 1m mast it was hard to go back. I loved the Lift foil, but found it too easy to breach with the short mast even in relatively calm water. My goal is to get into swells like flightjunkie and some boat wakes and I don’t think 55cm is going to work out well for that. I may just pull the trigger on the kite version and see how it goes. I can’t find anyone who has successfully made wires work with abacadabra. Maybe just run the wires outside of the mast and into the board next to the mount? Would look pretty rough, though!

I use the Abracadabra plate with no problems but I use it like a standard plate. Just takes a few seconds more to mount as you have a few pieces to line up. It would be sweet to have some waterproof connectors with a little excess wire at the mast connection to make it truly removable… but that’s not something I really need. Maybe some day.

Is that mast hollow?

It has a center support so not completely hollow. Three motor wires fit easily on the back opening if you use some olive oil to lube them up. The front opening would have a ton of room for a cooling tube. The profile is on the mast profile thread (can’t remember it’s name).