Naish Thrust. Cloud 9. takuma. Too much choice

Dear efoilers.

Last summer I efoiled a few times with my Fone ic6 850cm wing.

For kitesurfing the foil is great. For efoil it was to unstable.

Now I want to buy a stable foil so during colder day’s it still is fun to ride without falling so much.

Now there is many second hand foils for sale but it is hard to make a good choice. Please help

Takuma v100 seems to be stable. But really heavy.
Naish thrust large. Any good ?
Cloud 9 with S22-S24 en P27 wing ?
Cabrinha double agent?

I read a lot about Gong at this forum too.

I want to invest some money and hope to do it right. Maybe some advice from you guys.


With a surf stab (more stable in ride and in turns more suited for beginners) or a kite stab (faster and more agile more suited for experienced riders), this GONG Pro M surf wing is much awaited: @Riwi many of us are waiting for your test :wink:

Yes takuma v100 is heavy but it is very strong , gong M will do the job and if you are skilled M pro would probably the best choice … waiting for the testing results …

Do I need a gong mast and fuselage for a gong wing ? I would be great to buy a mast and fuselage and later try more kind of wings

Gong mast fits the naish fuselage as well.

Naish thrust large wing works well and is stable. You can find them cheap as they just came out with a new line of foils.

Naish thrust surf foil 2018 large
€ 650,00

Like this? But possible to add different wings later?

Yes just like that one. It is modular so you can mix and match different wings as needed.

I would try and find the 2019 thrust. The orange ones.

The 2018 have very heavy wings and the fuselage was prone to bending at the stabiliser connection.

They beefed up the fuselage and the wings are almost half the weight on the 2019 gear.

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Guys - has anyone looked into this Spitfire Hydrofoil it looks to be backwards to creat additional lift?


Looks really interesting! Would be good to know how having both wings creating positive lift affects the handling of the foil. Definitely makes sense that it would be more efficient…

I am pretty sure the reason the tail wing creates negative thrust is to make it easier to control via weight shift. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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Might help heavier riders?