Need a bigger back wing

Can anyone help me manufacturer a back wing?
I put a motor on this 2150 front wing and it is almost awesome.
I can foil at slow speeds but I don’t have any control
Let me know

What is the size of the rear wing? 400cm2 or a bit bigger should he stable but it also depends on the lenght of the fuselage and the aoa.

Back wing 310cm. Fuselage 660 but I think I can get a 734 fuselage. AOA is also a problem. Adjustable AOA I think is the answer

How is the rear wing connected? Looks like it has uplift (positive aoa), if that is the case, you need ro turn it 180 degrees so it points downwards.

If your wing is this one: US $350.24 12% Off | Large Front Foil Carbon Hydrofoil With Aluminum Hollow Mast For Efoil And Wind board With Bag

Have a close look at the pictures and compare them with how yours ist put together.

Your rear wing is on upside down. If you correct it you will gain control.
In the current format you’ll get way too much lift on the back foot and not be able to turn properly.