Need a ride to match your efoil?

It breaks my heart to let him go…

The ultimate electric car. Luigi is a Fiat 500R from -73.

100% Electric
100% Rust-free
50km range
3Kw onboard charger

125000 Sek, 11 500 Euro.


You’re a bit far but out of curiosity, would add some more pictures of the conversion like what’s under the hood and trunk open (to see the engine), battery space ? Top speed ?
Would you have a couple of links you appreciate showing similar projects ? is yet to book :wink:

The build is well documented, have a look at

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Nice build. What’s the max speed?

It can do 100kmh but 80 is cruising speed.

Nooooooo this is not something to sell! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Miss my old fiat :frowning:

Its something to buy :slight_smile: