Need Beta Testers for a 40-150v VESC based ESC. 250/550 amp variants

We are

We found that the China based controllers all suck, and got sick of blowing up Current VESC offerings.
415 341 2281 if you want to chat or etc. I’m a new user, so can’t upload picutres, but there are some in the link below on the beta request form. Should be ready to ship in 2 weeks… FREE just promise to test and give it hell.

im on facebook messenger or can replay here, but good old phone call works


looks good, would be great if you could share schematics for review too. I am very interested in this because of high voltage. Currently I am working on a vehicle with 84V battery pack. Let me know


Water cooling or similar you would have to work out,. Or we can mill something if you draw it up.

If you’re serious,. Put you name down on the form

This is VESC based, so works with any motor whatsoever, any remote or hard wire, and has safety features and limitless setup, etc.

4153412281. Looking for the one guy in here who can perhaps help up learn the space here. I’m an avid kiteboarding/ kitesurfing/ and kite foil. But I’ve never bought an electric.

I live in San Francisco. And rionmotors is low Angeles based

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I could always use a bump in voltage :slight_smile: Currently running a ~85 kV custom motor @ 16S. Read my threads for more info… filled you application for beta test.

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Looks interesting!

It seems that most people are targeting 12s-14s for efoils because there was some concerns about voltages much above 60V being more dangerous if you have a leak and the battery is conducting in the water.

I mean, yes. Nobody want hydrogen gas from the shorting. But here to ask humbly if this is a good fit for this segment.

And also. Who can let me try their board. I can foilboard already ,. Just with a 12m kite. I’m in Alameda, ca on the beach. A few miles across the. At from San Francisco

I’m just starting to collect information on the various parts to source for an efoil @kevingraehl
I’m part of the esk8 community, and planned on using Trampa 75/300 for my build,simply because it’s what I know.
Would yours be a better choice for efoil? And have it been inspired from esk8?
When do you think you will be able to get a working device commercially ready to buy?
Based in Norway :slight_smile:

I am happy to do some testing for you (open and honest as always). I have multiple boards and setups to test it on. The only thing is I am in the UK and not in the USA.

I’m in also for some test an rapport if you need

I have currently two efoils that I run about 10-20h a week. If you want some endurance tests I will be intrested as wel. I now use the swordfish X300A esc and run it at 14s.

@kevingraehl what is the max eRPM of these vescs? I have a dual jet surf I’m building (but I need 300k eRPM lol), but I also have a 80v 8000w push scooter I’d like to test this with.

i have a 30s voltage ebike, filled out the form. interesting project.
I run APT96600 150V controller currently but it’s huge in size, something smaller is on my wish list


I have built two functional e-foil boards.

Please look at my videos and posts.

I would be willing to test your product and do a review if you want.

I run 14s. That is the maximum voltage that is safe to be used around water. I understand if you only want to send these out to guys running over 16s. But, over 60v is very dangerous when you are swimming with the craft.

I pull over 200 amps towing friends into waves. Running the 75/300 VESC. Would be cool to compare these products. I think a partnership would benefit both of us. I’m going to start building a 3rd board here soon. I filled out the form you provided.


20200810_132005 (002)|375x500
I am also currently building a “Monster” E Foil
and in parallel on a jetboard!

Who was the lucky beta tester? Any updates on this before I make a bad decision on my VESC purchase? :slight_smile:

Hello Kevin.
I’d like to purchase this controller for testing, but i’d only like to double check, if it could handle my 120V (32s) battery supply and what’s the price?