Need Electronics help. (For high school project)

Hello, I’m building an Efoil for my senior project. I was wondering if these electronics would work well and I will list them below. I tried calculating the right amount of power and amps but I wanted it to get checked by people with a lot of experience. I know that the sss 56114 isn’t the best motor but I’ve designed it to work for this project. It would be amazing if anyone could give me some feedback on these electronics. Thanks!!

motor: sss 56114
esc: flycolor Waterproof 150A Brushless ESC
battery: 4x 2s lipo batteries

its more a question of torque rather than power, we need a “big” prop (±140mm) spinning at “low rpm” (±4000rpm)
we need around 6-9nm, the 56114 can only give 3nm max

what you have will give you a efoil that fly without you on it

at least : 5000w 100A 9nm pics for start , to ±1000w flying at around 20km/h

If I’m not mistaken, you’re limited to 6s with this one. Our motors (6515x mostly) work between 10s and 14s.

@JetboardCologne has built configurations with Flycolor ESCs and small motors for leightweight riders (50-65kg)