Need ESC and Battery

Hi, everyone
So this is what I’ve got so far. As you can see, a ESC, waterproof battery and a board are missing here. This is my first build, so please give me some tips and recommandations.


hello a recommandation with this remote it’s juste good to discover your foil after first test you need a better one and it’s not 100 water proof you need to put silicone under.

Thanks, I’m not gonna go too far on the first trial, especially for the cost. Just want build a functional efoil, cuz i’m bit afraid of screw things up.

2 choice in this hobby loose time or loose money! if you don’t choose to use good component for starting you risk to loose times after and lost some money after all.

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1: Open up remote and make it more water resistant. Plastidip works well on the PCB and battery and then use a bit of corrosionX on the springs and screws
2: Get a 14S capable ESC or VESC.
- SEAL 300A
- Go-FOC HI200/HI100 4-16s 75V 300A electric Surfboard Electric Motorcycle Electric kart bicycle ESC VESC - MakerX

3: Battery wise, building your own will save you a fortune if you have the skills.

Make/3D Print Mast Motor Mount, then test fit, drill holes to run the motor wires (use some silicone lube to help wires to slide through), run a water line also through the mast. If you look up “flightjunkie” he has documented his build, and we completed these task.

Good Luck :call_me_hand:

@Jezza @Sean Thanks guys, will proceed on it, and see how it goes.

That’s a interesting point. All I got is time during this god damn pandemic.

Hi @George-abbott! Can I ask you for a parts list? What made you land on those parts in perticular?
Im looking into sourcing my parts soon, and I have no experience in foiling, but want a board / setup I can learn and grow with without having to upgrade and upgrade. Im worried my weight won’t be accounted for when I choose parts :stuck_out_tongue: Im 100KG (220lbs)
Don’t mean to hijack your thread or anything, just looking for some insight :slight_smile: