Need help for find the problem of my E-foil (I'm beginner)

Hello, I just bought a used E-foil and it seems that I have an issue with the motor. I’ve just disassembled it; it’s a Maytech 9KW MTI65162-SF. I’m not sure if it’s really the motor, but from what I’ve read on the forum, it seems that there are recurring problems with it. Please take a look at my video to form your own opinion. I’ve completely disassembled it and it’s ready to be replaced. I’ve seen some recommendations to switch to a Flipsky motor because it’s cheaper and supposedly has fewer issues, but I’m a novice and I’m not sure which one to choose, and I don’t know if it will fit in the same location and accommodate the screws in the right places. I also noticed that the model similar to my Maytech only has 3KW, which seems low for an E-foil. When the Maytech was working well, it had good performance. Anyway, I’m feeling pretty down because I’ve only been able to use my board for 3 days, and now I’ve completely disassembled it and will struggle to put it all back together. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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It would be easier for someone to comment on your issue if you could describe what the problem was before you disassembled the motor.

You also can’t post video directly here just photos so your post does not allow anyone to view your video. Perhaps edit your post to include a link to the video.

The video seems like either a phase wire is missing or shorted, or the ESC has some problems…
Which ESC/VESC are you using? Do you have access to USB and the PC Setup Tool for VESC?

Ok thanks for fast answer.
I guess the brand of the ESC is maytech too but nothing written on it. Look at attached pic.
Yes I’ve computer not seeing USB on the ESC .Previous owner build several board and said he never had problem with esc but he burned a couple of motors. He is thinking it is motor too… I will open it tomorrow.

Esc looks like a ztw seal clone

I guess your issue is loose magnets inside the motor just based on the sound. If it is then don’t run it anymore, you can damage the esc since then, effectively, it’s not a motor anymore to the esc.

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OK, thanks. Unfortunately, I tried a lot to run the motor. I hope I didn’t kill the ESC too. But what should I do? Tomorrow I will try to open the motor, but I’m a bit confused if what you said is true. Is it repairable? I think the best option is to buy a new motor as they are cheap, but which one to choose if I decide to go with Flipsky? Or perhaps you know of newer brands better than Flipsky and Maytech since the old posts I read here…?

Could also be some phase issue like mentioned by ludwig but if magnets are indeed loose then it might be fixable, might not. You’ll know when you see the insides. I’d get any 65161/65162 motor you can find at good price. HGLtech/firduo, reacher, flipsky, easyfoil etc. I’ve tried flipsky, maytech and firduo and couldn’t find a difference in performance, now that hobiba is not making the flipsky motor anymore i don’t know if it’s equivalent but i liked their hole pattern best for the fixations

I’d not get maytech due to the many user reports with them skipping responsibility for failed parts

This is definitely Maytech. It is not known for certain which ESCc is inside, perhaps HV3 60A. This is one of their businesses - taking a cheap ESC, putting it in a huge aluminum case and selling for x5.

Magnets seems ok. They are at place even if the resin seems a bit cracked at some points. But the stator is impossible to pull out because the screw are dead. Seems this motor has been opened before.

I observed few drop of water when opened the motor.
Well this is hard work to pull out and in the wires in the foil mast. I’m have no idea how I will put the new wires of the motor in to the mast…
Is there only this kind of Chinese shit motor that can be mounted in my foil? How long is average life of the 65162 motors? I don’t want to do this job every years…

Also i’m seeing the area of my motor that is fixed on my foil is different. I’m not seeing such a part on Maytech or Flipsky

Flipsky 65161 Motor, especially filled with some Corrosion X, will last multiple years no problem.
Btw to pull the new wires in I just drop some thin but strong string (fishing line or dental floss) down the mast, tie it to the end of the motor cable and with some soap water it’s fairly easy that way

Looks like the end of the reacher motor

If it’s not magnets, then short circuit on the phases or esc is the next likely issue.

Are the bearings and seals gliding/rolling smoothly?

it looks like exactly like Maytech, is it really superior or do you avoid maytech for the customer services. After cleaned up the cable (taken off the silicon),I see a bare wire at the entrance to the motor housing. we are at the level of the cable passage in fact. There must be contact

Seals must me changed. I have seen few drop of water inside. Bearing has a bit of rust too. It still rolling smoothly.For the aluminium part , i haven’t seen it was screwed on the rear of the motor. So it’s all good , i will make a new one in resin or will used that one.

I’m gonna to buy now. But just need to confirm that my flipsky motor will work with ESC (maytech)

Hi, I gave my motor to a “specialist,” and he said my motor is good. He checked it out, opened, cleaned, and remounted it, but I still have the same problem. I’ve already bought a new motor and am waiting for delivery, but I think it may be the ESC then. But where can I find exactly the same ESC? I can’t find it on the internet. I have a remote Maytech V3. I would like something easy to plug and play. I bought my E-foil last week, enjoyed it for 3 days, and I’m already in repair… I would be very grateful if someone could help me to fly again quickly before I go back to work…

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