Need Help to build an Efoil

I am currently a freshman in high school and want to build an efoil by the end of this summer. I need help finding the right parts like I cant find a good source of foam in the US and just don’t know what I should do about a mast and foil. I tried to design a mast in CAD to be made out of aluminum but just don’t know the right sizes and how to mount a motor to it or run the cables thru it. I am completely clueless, I tried looking on youtube for build guides but cant really find anything. Any info would help. Thanks!

Hi Trellis welcome! Have you built an electric skateboard before? I would highly recommend doing that first to gain some of the required skills to build an electric hydrofoil.

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I have not built one. I do have some experience with soldering. I do want to eventually build one but I have limited funds and would rather build an efoil. What are some of the required skills?

It depends on how many parts you choose to fabricate yourself versus buy off the shelf. Buying things ready to go is very expensive whereas fabrication requires skills. Drilling holes, 3D printing and painting epoxy are a few things I’ve encountered. It is not a project for the faint of heart to be candid. I would learn to hydrofoil behind a boat first before building anything to get a taste of what you are in for.

I’ve hydrofoiled before, and have 3d printed things. I have access to a machine shop would that help me much? I haven’t done epoxy or fiberglass but my dad has and I think he’s illing to help me.

I’m sorry to rain on your parade but I think it’s not a good idea at your age. I am a senior in college and the project has challenged me immensely to put it into perspective. A ton of behind the scenes work goes into these builds posted here. I try in my build thread to be as transparent as possible. A background in electronics is important when working with such high power systems or you risk harming yourself or someone else. I understand that a flying surfboard is arguably cooler than an electric skateboard and that is what you want but please understand almost everyone here has worked their way up to this project with many smaller prior projects. Learn to walk before you try to run.


Ok I will take this very slow and cautious and get the proper things and help to make one. I was originally gonna try to rush into it and do it but you made me rethink my approach on how I will do this. Thanks!

I wish you the best of luck! You have your entire life ahead of you to build an e-foil. I think your ambition is awesome. If you hurt yourself building an e-foil (cut a finger off, cut a toe off on the prop, burn your house down charging the battery) you are going to be stuck with the consequences for the rest of your life. Take it slow, enjoy everything you learn and when the time is right go for it. If your school has a robotics club you need to join that right now!

Thanks! Yeah I really don’t want to lose a finger or a toe lol.

I was taking apart our electric motor and was curious what the gap was between the inside and outside piece. I held the two close together and SLAM blood everywhere. The two parts magnetically attract to one another. I had no idea. I was lucky I only pinched my thumb and did not loose it. It just goes to show no matter how much education or experience you have you always have more to learn. Take care.


P.S. I can post pictures of the injury if you don’t believe me.

Best thing I can suggest is to read this forum over and over, all the info you think you are missing in the first post is in here somewhere for you to find.

I second what everyone has said above, especially the idea of building an electric skateboard first!

I’m a sophomore in college and built my first eboard as a freshman in high school. Even with almost 6 years of building electric skateboards and interning with an electric skateboard company, tackling a foil board is still extremely difficult. Everything has to be bigger, stronger, and waterproof than what I would deal with on skateboards.

Also, keep in mind the large price difference. You can make a great DIY electric skateboard for $750, while a foil board is going to run you over 4x without cutting drastic corners. Every component has to be bigger, for example, while a 10s3p is a perfect battery for an eboard, most people are running 12s12p and larger for foil boards. \

Best of luck! This forum and are both great ways to learn no matter which route you choose to go!

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Set Up for E Foil under 400,-
6384 Outrunner
150A Fly color ESC
2x 6s 12 Ah lipos
Ridetime 35 - 40min
Vmax 26km/h

Greetings Frank

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Had a look at @Malveymonster project ? You and him have +/- the same high school profile:

Frank , which flycolor esc 150A you used ? Running 6s ( boat) or 12s ( heli)?

Is it your running config ?

Interesting brand. Redirecting...
Something I have never seen so far they have just finished testing a new generation of waterproof 12s ESC for fully submerged water-toys :
the FlyColor Magallanes 80Acont/120Acont 10s -
I wonder if they have in mind a 200A cont for our toys. No data logging though.
【Flycolor新品】水上推进器水上滑板电调 - 哔哩哔哩

Fly color for Boats with 6s 24Ah
Greetings Frank

No, it’s not my.
Gerretings Frank

What size prop would work best for the 6384?

By 6s 170mm 2 knife with many Pitch.
12s you need 140 - 150mm

Greetings Frank