Need help with dual motor VESC setup for directional tow-boogie

I am running a dual motor 6384 tow boogie with two flipsky 70A VESC’s with the BREmote for differential steering. The problem is when I give it throttle only one motor fires until I get to about 50% throttle then the other comes on, but if I only throttle one motor at a time they work fine. Any ideas?

Hi, have asked the BRE guy Ludwig? In past with dual motors it was all in the controller. if you have a mixable multi channel radio its no problem. I had a problem with a dual motor/esc surfboard. It did not want to go straight. I thought about one of these HOBBYWING V-Tail Mixer For RC airplane 3D plane Aileron | eBay
There are dual motor esc`s. Checkout esk8 forum, skateboards have a lot of dual motors

Are both VESCs set up identically?

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Yes. at first it was the same. but when that did not work I then tried tweaking them to work better with not much success. my next move was going to be to try a different kind of controller.

New Issue with newly build dual motor directional tow boogie, motors acting weird.

I have a dual motor tow boogie with 2 Maytech MTI65121 130KV inrunner motors and 2 flycolor 120A ESC’s. I used to run it on 2 flipsky 7070 outrunners. with the new motors it only works if the motors are 25% out of the water. if the are fully submerged then they run at a super slow speed. or if the motors are out of the water and running, and then I set them in the water, without letting go of the throttle, it runs full speed. so it will not start from and run when it is fully submerged. any ideas??

I think it might be the props. anyone have any prop designs for reverse and forward props on this motor?

increased rampup power from 50 to 75 and now seems to be working