Need help with dual motor VESC setup for directional tow-boogie

I am running a dual motor 6384 tow boogie with two flipsky 70A VESC’s with the BREmote for differential steering. The problem is when I give it throttle only one motor fires until I get to about 50% throttle then the other comes on, but if I only throttle one motor at a time they work fine. Any ideas?

Hi, have asked the BRE guy Ludwig? In past with dual motors it was all in the controller. if you have a mixable multi channel radio its no problem. I had a problem with a dual motor/esc surfboard. It did not want to go straight. I thought about one of these HOBBYWING V-Tail Mixer For RC airplane 3D plane Aileron | eBay
There are dual motor esc`s. Checkout esk8 forum, skateboards have a lot of dual motors

Are both VESCs set up identically?

Yes. at first it was the same. but when that did not work I then tried tweaking them to work better with not much success. my next move was going to be to try a different kind of controller.