Need your advice! and got a tip for you guys!

Hi eFoilers,

I got a tip for you guys and can use your advice!

Do you need something for your eFoil? Since a couple weeks the new website is live! I discovered this website last week and they sell a couple of different brands: Waydoo, Flite and Sipa Boards. I will definitely order here again in the future, if I need some eFoil parts.

I am also thinking of buying the Subnado, because they have a 10% spring discount. What do you think of the new Subnado from Waydoo? Has anyone tried it yet with diving? Please let me know!

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Damian

Please don’t spam, this is your own website you’re referring to, which means you already in your post here has proven to be dishonest. Bad business practice, and hard to undo.