Neugart PLE 40 5:1

I am having difficulty finding good gears. I called Neugart and they said that the fastest delivery would be in January… Cant find any on ebay either. Thats just too long. Any 1 have any alternatives?

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ebay: PLE40 for sale | eBay
one is 8:1, the other one is 4:1
or Chinese on alibaba, see here: More Economic Gearbox options - #4 by sat_be - Propulsion System (Motor, Gears) -
I haven’t tested the Chinese gear but it looks ok and it took about a month after ordering. Ordering was a bit complicated though.

If you can get a pinion for the torqeedo 1003 gear, then it is a good option to go for as its designed for running as an electric outboard. I’m using it and will hopefully get my rig in the water over the weekend!

ok i think i found an alternative →

now the problem is to find an engine that will match this gearbox.

This engine has an 8mm shaft
No info for gearbox.

ohhh, you gotta share the results of your test and pictures

you need a 5mm shaft motor, the gearbox comes along you have to buy the flange and the pinion, for the chief look a the bottom, comes only in 5mm

Once you’ve got in the water can you let us know how the gear box holds up… $175 seems like a sweet option… Do you know pinion it uses?.. What’s the gear reduction on it?

I’ve had my eye on getting this and would love your input!

Thx m8. i will try the chinese version:

coupled with this motor:

and probably a 12S batteries. Things i need to monitor is Temperature and V of batteries. Maybe RPM on the motor would also be a nice idea. I am not wery keen to electronics. I mean i assembled some RC planes and helicopters myself from hobbyking but thats it :slight_smile:

Also what i am thinking as i am a CNC programer is to make my own Wing out of Aluminuim. But first i would need a 3d model of it. I could draw my own but I dont know the dimensions of it. So what i was thinking that i would buy 1 and scan it with a 3D scanner like this 1: and import the 3D model for machining. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t do the wing from aluminium. If you really want to mill it do it from G10. There are other companies that do this and it works well.

Thx for the tip. so the G10 is some sort of plastic material and is similar to carbon fiber. Never worked with this material before. Looked at some youtube videos and it should be easy to machine. SO G10 it is :slight_smile:

I just got a quote for the PLE 40 (PLE040-005-SSSA3AA-T8) from MotionUSA. 2 weeks delivery and 350 USD without shipping.

Hi, All
Question about a Neugart gear box…Is the split tube in yellow (in image below) removable in a PLE40 ?
I have a second hand PLE 40 & the split tube with a 6mm ID is locked in solid ??. Is it part of the drive shaft ?

Can any one give advice before I do damage investigating.

Many Thanks

All Good , I got it.