Neugart PLE40 specifications for ordering


I plan on ordering a PLE40 directly from Neugart if the price is reasonable and wanted to configure the gear using their online tool before reaching out to a sales person.
Most points are clear:

  • size 40mm
  • ratio 5:1
    But I wonder what the best motor flange/adapter is:

And what input diameter should I use? I always thought the PLE has 10mm what is the reason we need a coupler for the 8mm motor shaft. But now I see different diameters, does that mean I can get the 8mm version and don’t use any coupler?
(The text says “diameter of clamping system at input X mm”)

Looking forward to any tips and insights! :blush:

In the forum people have been spec’d out PLE040-005-SSSA3AA-T8 this model, I’ve been trying to contact neugart about purchasing but no reply, if you get through to them let us know, i think other people might want to start a group buy.