Neugart to find

hello team
i start very slow to built my efoil. i order sss500 kw motor and iwant to find neugart ple40 1=40.
it is very difficult for used and for new i mast wait 41 weeks???
any solution team? sorry for my english

@george , You may want to read the forum a bit more before ordering a gear box or any other parts. Just a hint it will save you lots money & time. Also watch out some peoples opinions are not based on facts. look at what the people that have posted functional efoil videos are doing & say.
Best of luck & please keep us all updated.


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Great George

A cheap way to get a gearbox is through Ebay.

These guys are designed for a service life of 20 000 hours, so they are pretty tough, but you might be “unlucky” and get one that is a bit worn.



You could try Motion USA. They distribute Neugart gearboxes. Last report I heard was they are 350 $US plus shipping.

I ordered my Neugart PLE40 5:1 from Motion USA. Took just under three weeks and cost $356 new including shipping.