New Brand Pulseer

Saw a pic of these the other day. They seem to be copying a whole bunch of other brands ideas. They have even copied Lifts connectors:

I wonder if their batteries and controllers actually fit the Lift boards!

Why should one copy the already old system without any improvements that has been done in the industry? I guess thats just the former factory where the liftfoil parts have been made… And yes I would guess it fits on the liftfoil too;-)

Five videos published on 7th may 2023, that’s half of what’s been published since Nov 2022.
Motor connectors (same as CIMI), battery box,battery locking system, ESC box: everything looks similar.

Because it was welll designed in 2017 and still is + no development cost.

Nope, they different from the Cimi ones, but the same as Lift connectors.

You don`t copy old stuff 1:1 if you anyway have to manufacture the components…
But if you are the manufacturer already and have all molds&suply stuff then it would make sense to just sell them OEM… And by the way 5 years have past already, so maybe the contract with liftfoil allows it :wink:

It could be a LIFT spin-off to maintain market shares … :face_with_monocle:

They look identical. From what I understand you can get them if you buy in bulk.

Can you send me a link for this controller because I can’t find it as a separate part?