New Brushless DC Inrunner Motor 56115 200KV 12.5KW For Jet Board/Efoil, are you interested?

Hello everyone, My name is Gavin, I’m from Flipsky who has been focus on Motor design and manufacture professionally all the tim. we never post any topics here, but still some buyers are from this forumn.Besides our motor can be DIYED to be used in efoil.
Today, I’d like to share our new product information to you all. Welcome more comments
for our continuous improvements. thanks
If you are interested or any questions you could send email to me for further conmunication:


Please post a link to specs?

Product Spec:

  • Motor dimension: 56*115
  • Motor with watercooling case: 68mm*115
  • Shaft:8mm
  • Motor stator slot: 18
  • Motor Kv:200
  • Maximum voltage: 60v
  • Maximum current 127A
  • No-load current: 1.2A
  • Maximum power: 8kw and 4.5kw continous
  • Resistance: 0.05oh


Interesting, as it would rid of the gearbox need and would fit right in current 56mm designs.

@Gavinwei what is your recommended prop for this one?

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The title of the motor says 12.5kw but the spec says 4.5kw continous. Kind of confusing.

Hi everybody,

This is Jamie, Gavin’s colleague. Gavin has been resigned from Flipsky for some personal reasons.

From now on, i will browse this forum from time to time and share some new / hot efoil related items. So if you’re interested or have any questions about our products, welcome to contact me for further supporting.


Hi, it’s max 8kw and 4.5kw continous.