New Budget Build (Advice needed)

Hey efoilers!

I am new to efoils, but luckily I have worked on many other DIY projects like electric skateboards, onewheels, FPV quads, etc. So I am pretty ok with VESC, battery, motor, and the wiring/ electronics.

I do need help with the rest of the stuff though.
The goal is to make it as cheap as possible but also with as little ‘manufacturing’ work invovled. I dont want to make any enclosures with fiberglass or carbon fiber or molds. 3D printing is OK tho. lol.

So after researching the forum and other places, I came across the inflatable board, like the one is offering. That seems like a good option. Its cheap and easy to carry.

The issue is designing the box that will fit inside and the mast (is that what its called?)

So questions:

  1. Is an inflatable board a good option? Any cheap links for it? What size is best?
  2. What design/size of the mast/rudder (the stuff underneath) should I go with? I saw a couple optoins on Alibaba:
    Different Models Surf Hydrofoil Full Carbon Surfboard Hydrofoil Wing Foil Surf Sup Foil - Buy Kitesurfing,Windsurfing,Foil Wing Product on

Which one would you guys recommend?

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Flatable is not cheap and the box is many works, but is very nice…
Greetings Frank

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It depends, inflatabe is recomnended to save transport space. It is not lighter than a shaped one. Easiest to build is to convert an old windsurfboard.

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I am in the same situation. FPV quads, have multple 3D printers, eskate, etc. I am making my own remote at least, not sure anything else needs to be done.