New build efoil from Dubai

Hi people,

new to this forum which seems really cool… I will start a new build very soon but need some advise. I know about RC mostly flying jet gas turbine and some electric FPV too…I m a kite surfer and foil kiting too…I m just missing the efoil to my life.

the idea is to use the stuff i have

  • foil naish 1250 jet but a gong mast 90 cms
  • old softec board 6.1

so I will probably go with Flipsky combo.

1*FSESC75200 75V With Water Cooling Enclosure

1*FS65161 12MM Shaft]

1*VX3 Waterproof Remote controller

I guess I will print my propeller and motor clamp

most probably will go with 16000mah 6s x 2 from Tattu since don-t have access to 18650 here in dubai

now couple of questions :slight_smile:

flipsky or maytech ?

flipsky or maytech for the combo ? should I buy directly from their website since bangood seems same price (aliexpress not so great to dubai)

should I still need to waterproof the motor - anticorrosion ? so salty here the sea in dubai !!
what about remote…I need to seal it more then what it is already ?

with this combo , my front wing is 1250 cm2 + 85 kgs …with 16000 mah 6s x 2 (12s) is enough to run 45 min ?

these batteries are rated 25 C is that enough ?

since here water temperature is 38c in summer and 25c in winter , active watercooling is okay ?

enough questions for today

thanks fox for your inputs

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Do you have the CNC? or you bought it like this?

baught it from local shaper , made of EPS

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