New build efoil from Dubai

Hi people,

new to this forum which seems really cool… I will start a new build very soon but need some advise. I know about RC mostly flying jet gas turbine and some electric FPV too…I m a kite surfer and foil kiting too…I m just missing the efoil to my life.

the idea is to use the stuff i have

  • foil naish 1250 jet but a gong mast 90 cms
  • old softec board 6.1

so I will probably go with Flipsky combo.

1*FSESC75200 75V With Water Cooling Enclosure

1*FS65161 12MM Shaft]

1*VX3 Waterproof Remote controller

I guess I will print my propeller and motor clamp

most probably will go with 16000mah 6s x 2 from Tattu since don-t have access to 18650 here in dubai

now couple of questions :slight_smile:

flipsky or maytech ?

flipsky or maytech for the combo ? should I buy directly from their website since bangood seems same price (aliexpress not so great to dubai)

should I still need to waterproof the motor - anticorrosion ? so salty here the sea in dubai !!
what about remote…I need to seal it more then what it is already ?

with this combo , my front wing is 1250 cm2 + 85 kgs …with 16000 mah 6s x 2 (12s) is enough to run 45 min ?

these batteries are rated 25 C is that enough ?

since here water temperature is 38c in summer and 25c in winter , active watercooling is okay ?

enough questions for today

thanks fox for your inputs

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Do you have the CNC? or you bought it like this?

baught it from local shaper , made of EPS

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Hello, could you explain step by step how you do it and how much CORROSIONX do you put in the motor?

surprislingy easy : removes the front screws (don-t touch the back ones) , remove the circlip . you will need to put a flat head screws driver to separate the top of the motor cap from the body (wihtout damaging the paint).
you will feel the strengh of the magnet, but it should come out easy… fill in with corosionx half of the drum and close back everything … done in 5 minutes

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It seems to me that it was said that corosionX attacked silicone cables…and that mineral oil was more suitable…


Is there silicone cable inside the motor ?

There are the 3 motor phases which pass through the watertight gland at the back of the motor.

yes at the back…forgot about those…after running for a month I will inspect and repport if I see some damage …I understood that corrosionx = mineral oil but I guess not …

a silly question … now that I have the corrosionX inside … how do I do for the other part? It has a washer that falls off when placed vertically and downwards. I don’t know if my doubt is clear

Yes could be tricky … lay down on the side the drum slightly down … gently move in the magnet so the washer does not fell … you will feel the center of the drum fit in the end … a question of touch … …ask your wife !!!


In the end I tried to have the rotor inside and to introduce corrosionX with a syringe, it went well. now I have the problem to put the engine cover back. hitting or pushing? my wife looks at me weird with this black vibrator in my hand :wink:

hitting or pushing?

the problem I am having is that the rotor is not in the center and the motor cover does not fit, any trick? Thank you!!!