New build from Montréal Canada and a hello to everyone cause i am new here

hello every one ! I spend the last week reading alot of post here and my head his buzzing righ now on how much information is avalable here ! I download alot of stl file and starter last week making some foil !

I already found an old board to start

I order a chinise foil mast from ali express

For esc i buy a flisky boat 16s 400 amp
And a seashark 200 amp

For remote i order a cheap chinese … but after some read i found that the maytech will be the best to work with the flisky 400a

For the battery pack i buy last year 5 module of the bmw i8 ( 5x16s 26amp phev samsung cell)(my plan is to split the 16 s battery module to 2x8s for 52ah total for 1 module) téléchargement (1)

So i am planning to run 8s ( or 16 s but i woul need to put 2 x16s module (22pound each module) to get a great cell discharge rate )

For motor my objective is to get a direct drive unit … so the 2 motor that interested me is the filpsky 65161 (100kv or 120kv ) and the aps 80100 80kv( the filpsky 80100 130kv sound a option for me too low volt) since both already got some stl ready to print thx to mat, virus and pacificmeister

My objective is to get a board easy to ride with alot of torque and not a really high in top speed
(oversize foil ?)

What u think ?

Looking good to me but don’t take my advice (too new here)
Your main challenge may well be that board but it depends on how clean you want the end result I guess. I sent you a PM (maybe 2 sorry on my phone I thought the 1st one got deleted) as I’m also from Montreal.

About your batteries, I’m surprised you say they can’t handle the discharge well?

My battery discharge capacity is around 6c …so for a67v 26 ah pack i can max amp to 216 amp… with a 400 ah esc i am afraid to discharge them too fast… maybe it is just a useless fear loll… i hâte destroy electric loll that why i want to use 8s 56 ah pack(22lbs) maybe i am wrong and the esc wont discharge the battery enough to overheat them … only way to Know is to test them…

How is your build doing ?