New build from Spain and first ride

Dear Friends.

First of all I want to thank all the contributing members for all the information shared in this forum that made it possible for a lot of us to dare to make our own build. Now I want to contribute and share my recent build based on a lot of ideas from this forum and some of my own:

BOARD: Old windsurf board cut down to 200 cm and 100 l. aprox.

MOTOR: Flipsky 65161 100KV . ESC : Flipsky FSESC 200A 60V

PROP: Cheap 7.25 x 5” Yamaha trimmed to 150 mm diameter


BATTERY: 12S10P Sanyo NCR18650GA 3350mAh . BMS only for charge/balance

REMOTE: “comdonized” standard skate remote.

SAFETY: Hall sensor + magnet attached to a rider’s leash, cutting remote signal.

TOTAL WEIGHT: 25kg aprox.

The first trial has been OK . Good lift. The board rises easily. Recorded Data: Battery current peak 70A. Normally between 30-50A . Speed no idea. Remote and safety magnet worked fine.

The only problem has been a lot of water flooding the hatch. I am trying to fix it with a thicker seal.

I am posting a pic, and here is the link to a short video (the good part :blush:)

Regards !!


hello , great build , could you show a bit more about the motor pods ? ,
did you use an hold Bic board , look like i recognise the design , great job

have a great day , regards from france

Hi josh
Yes, you recognized it well. Its an old BIC ASTRO ROCK that I have cut.

I also post a picture of the motor.

I have used some 3D printed parts shared in this forum and one designed by me with the simple Tinkercad .

A bientot !

Javi, nice build.
En Buena Hora! Congratulations

hi , great job , i strat looking to build my one , next winter project .reggards fro france

Nice work, I use the same kind of NUOVA RADE hatch and to remedy the leakage problem I added a second KISO brand gasket on the perimeter of the hatch cover

Hi Manu. Good to hear that you solved the problem with a second gasket. I tryed the same but in the bottom . The gasket I used was 5mm height ( 4mm after settling for a while) and I had leakage.
Now I have removed it and installed a new 10 mm heigh gasket (8mm after settling) and I have not tryed it yet. I cross my fingers .
Manu, could you please tell me what is the height or your gasket. It will be very usefull to me.
Thanks in advance