New build like Submarine / Torpedo from Austria / Mondsee

Hi guys,

so now, after very long nights of reading the forum, I now present my project.

About me, I’m Viktor from Mondsee / Austria and I have set myself the goal of building an efoil drive based on a torpedo or submarine. similar to @Frage and @drswitch.

I am currently planning a 36V / 40Ah Liionen battery (made in Poland by CellPower / like Dive Scooter from SUEX)
The ESC will most likely come from MGM (TMM 25063-3 X2-Series)
When it comes to the motor, I’m not quite sure whether it’s a Scorpion, Flipsky, etc., but I think 3000W max. current/ 6000W peak current should be sufficient.
Also like @Vefoil I want a jet engine
install with impeller.

Whether with direct drive or with gear I’m not sure and there fore ask for your help pro / contra.
Here are a few pictures, the rest will follow soon…

Hang loose, Vik :call_me_hand: :beers:


Here some new pics with motor & prop.

Motor cooling might be a problem, you could make some slots in the rear cone where the motor sits, to allow water to enter the void and cool the motor.

Hey sat_be, yeah thats olso my Plan. :+1::wink: Thanks!