New build, not enough power

Hi guys -
my first version had a SSS 56104/500KV Brushless Motor 6 Poles ] and my build leaked, so
I bought a Flipsky 65161 100KV/120KV 6000W motor
I have a SEAKING ESC (ESC Type: 130A-HV-V3)
and one Turnigy High Capacity 12000mAh 6S 12C Lipo at 22.2 volts.

Not nearly enough power, turns out. (I should also add that on the previous build I had a 5:1 planetary gear reducer, and two 22.2 volt batteries in sequence - and it had plenty of power)

I"m thinking of simply buying another turnigy battery and wiring them in series…?

Any suggestions welcome. (bigger prop? do i need a planetary gearbox? WTF is 100kv vs 500kv?!)


you won’t have enough power at 6S. Try 12S

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No you need not gear box…you need more volt…i have 52volt by 65161 and its not enouh…52v x 100kv = 5200 rpm max…real 4400 rpm…so by propeller 5" you have 33,5 km/h water output max…speed not over 25 km/h or less…

Gerhard Deister The max rpm=Voltage* Watt. There are 65161 195KV motor in the stock before,84V * 195KV = 16380RPM. But it was later removed from the store, and customers in need will consult to buy. Now you ues 65111 160KV with 52V, the max rpm is 8320.

So you only get the max power on 65161 by 84 volt…