New build, not enough power

Hi guys -
my first version had a SSS 56104/500KV Brushless Motor 6 Poles ] and my build leaked, so
I bought a Flipsky 65161 100KV/120KV 6000W motor
I have a SEAKING ESC (ESC Type: 130A-HV-V3)
and one Turnigy High Capacity 12000mAh 6S 12C Lipo at 22.2 volts.

Not nearly enough power, turns out. (I should also add that on the previous build I had a 5:1 planetary gear reducer, and two 22.2 volt batteries in sequence - and it had plenty of power)

I"m thinking of simply buying another turnigy battery and wiring them in series…?

Any suggestions welcome. (bigger prop? do i need a planetary gearbox? WTF is 100kv vs 500kv?!)


you won’t have enough power at 6S. Try 12S

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