New Cheap Waterproof Remote? Freerchobby VX-1?

My Flipsky VX3 waterproof remote just died despite extensive extra waterproof modifications. I was looking around and I found the Freerchobby VX-1 waterproof remote for only $150. It looks a bit more robust then the VX3 and even comes with GPS for real time speed. Has anyone tried it? Or are there any better options out there that people like?

This is nothing new—search the forum for „bluemind“.

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Good catch @sat_be !
Do you think such remote could be compatible with an ESC like ZTW SEAL ESC 300A OPTO?

Yes, with pwm. The only telemetry info from your baord you can get is the voltage of your foil battery up to 60V. With a VESC you could get more info over serial line like rpm, mosfet temp, a.s.o.

Makes sense. Thanks @sat_be ! it should be better than my Vx1 Flipsky anyway….
Is this Blue Mind better than a Maytech VX2? in case I upgrade with VESC…

There are mixed reports about it in the forum, might be worth spending some time reading.

Thanks for the reply sat_be. I didn’t think to look up the ‘blue mind’ part of the remote only the ‘Freerchobby’ part. There is some info on the form about it. It seems to be more waterproof then the VX3 but I think some people have some issues with the telemetry data coming up on the display. I did some more digging and I think I’m going to go with a more expensive high quality remote. I really wanted to buy the FelixRemote V3 but I feel like its been out of stock for like a year.

I think I’m going to buy the Volt 4 Efoil Remote by Manta Foils. Its a little pricy but it looks super waterproof and I think it comes with a bunch of cool features like data logging and stuff. I contacted the company and they are happy to sell to the DIY Efoil community. They recommend buying the V3 because it has the right cables to connect up to the UART on the VESC. They did say it will only work with 12S and 14S systems though so keep that in mind. Let me know if anyone has any experience with it.



I’ve been using the Manta remote and it’s great. Big screen, lot of settings. GPS, logging, nothing is potted, so if there are issues you can get inside to see what is the problem.

The screen brightness is pretty good for reading in sunlight. Not as bright as the latest iPhone, but about the same as an 11 or 12. When riding not an issue as usually only concerned about battery life.


Bremote kit is also a good and more economic option with a bit of diys and simpler display.

This I think is what happened to Felixremote
In stock


Oh no way I have never even heard of the Surge remote! $650 is getting up there in the price though but I think that includes the receiver. Now I got to decide between the Surge and the Volt 4. Has anyone tried the Surge I can’t find very much info on it?

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The Surge is just a rebranded Felixremote.

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Hi Matt, I’ve tried the Flifoil Surge remote! It comes with Flifoil’s newest board the Surge… they’ve been around since 2020 and this is their most updated board. They source all the best parts from around the world…(2024 SURGE FLIFOIL – FliFoil)

I’m really leaning towards the Surge remote. I’ll probably buy one in a month or two. I need to see if they sell extra receivers though because I want to use this remote with multiple boards.