New complete Reachertech 65161. Gong, Flying Rodeo, power unit

Complete power unit for sale.

All components new and unused.

Reachertech 65161 80kv
Flying rodeo CNC aluminium mast clamp.
Flying rodeo 150mm 6inch pitch CNC aluminium prop.
Flying rodeo CNC mast plate (Gong).
80cm gong mast.
Rear hub incorporates a maintenance free ceramic thrust bearing.

I also have a Gong surf pro in Large (1350cm2) to suit this unit. Plus a spare 80cm mast to use the foil on a regular foil setup.

Priced at $1795 NZD for just the complete power unit.
Or $2395 NZD for everything.

Shipping will be expensive from NZ. I estimate about $250 NZD which should be considered prior to making an offer.



Can i have the prop please :joy:

Pwrfoil sells prop and duct

Pwrfoil sells this prop??? I haven’t found it on their website

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But that’s not a flying rodeo prop

No it’s not, but it will fit your motor…
I have both the FR prop and FR prop for this motor. I’ll see if one can be modified to be compatible.

Is the duct also fitting for the 65161?

Felix, use my duct. He is fitting together with my prop and the FR Prop :wink:

Is it still available for sale (power unit)?

Sorry, its no longer available.