New design for electric foil surfboards


Can you tell me more about the costs incl. Shipping to europe?

Is it possible send me your local place to my email, sales01@epoch-power, i could check the freight cost with the boards cost ( all parts include ) to you.

Nice looking design, well done.
What are β€œall parts included” can you list all of them please.
How much for 1 first sample ?

Shipping to 2782 Australia.

Hello, could you send your email , i will reply to you soon.

my email :

@Lisa You can private message me your price but.
We all share all detail info free on can you share your price??
We will just share the info anyway.


Yes. Share. Please, as much info as possible. Testing. Real photographs.

Hello Kevin,

for 1 sample electric foil surfboards, the boards with all needed parts : 2850 usd/set.

Send to Switzerland, the total freight cost is 905 usd.

your any questions is welcomed.


Hello Lisa

Thank you for your answer!
Do you sell only the Board? Without the Foil and Motor? Only the Board


Hello Kevin,

as i mentioned in my last email ,the boards with all needed parts : 2850 usd/set.

all parts is include motor with foil, battery, controller, remote controller, Safety control system: magnetic blow-out switch and some small parts.

and we also did mute process for electric foil surfboards.

Looking forwarder your reply.