New Direct Drive Inrunner 65150

I come bearing gifts. After doing some measurements on pictures of the lift efoil, I hit the search engines and eventually found a new inrunner in the size area of the lift motor. It’s spec’d as a 65150 which would be a fantastic size for efoiling! Here is the link:

We might need to do a group order if we wanted one of these.
I have contacted them to get a bit more information.


Not really sure about the torque Numbers … Compared to a outrunner 83/95…

The specs are looking really good. I assume you had in mind the 2 right most ?

RT Motor D65L150-100 D65L150-80
Construction 18N/6P 18N/6P
Winding Turns 4T 5T
Working Voltage 40-60V 40-60V
Max RPM 6000 4800
KV 100 80
No Load Current @8.4V 1.5A 1.2
Max Power 6KW 4.8KW
Peak Current (A) 150 120
Max Efficiency >92% >92%
Net Weight (kg) 2.5 2.5
Dimension(mm) D65*L150 D65*L150
Shaft Dimension D10*30mm D10*30mm
Max Torque 115kg*cm 120kg*cm
Wire Length 8AWGx180mm 8AWGx180mm
Connector 6.0mm plug 6.0mm plug
Working Life 10000H 10000H

The front stub on the axis side is really long. Does anybody has an explanation why it is so long and couldn’t be shortened ? Two bearings on the front whilst in our activity there is no to low radial load ?


It most likely contains the shaft seal, and has space to attach a duct. I don’t see a reason for shortening it.

This would considerably simplify the original PacificMeister design… :thinking: :

  • a mast head
  • the aluminium tube,
  • this motor
  • two o-rings in the two existing grooves of the rear stub
  • a dedicated print for the front stub with thrust bearing
  • couple of screws + rings

This attaches directly to the mast clamp. You don’t need an aluminium tube or any other seals.
You could add a simple thrust bearing before the prop.

How are they sealing the 3 wires as they exit the motor?

Not too sure on that, but you could just seal with marine silicone .

How would you hold the motor that will tend to rotate in the pod (huge torque 120kg/cm= 12Nm) I am thinking about a big cable gland or a pod head that would hold the motor body like CNC Z-axis do with cynlindrical alu mills ? How would you waterproof the thrust bearing ?
(120kg/cm = 1200N x 0.01m = 12Nm= 106 pound inch)

People will do as they used to do previously with their inrunner. As it is a DiY site, many will “KISS the job” and use a glue gun providing it doesn’t damage the cable insulators…
or that needs to be “invented”… people wanting a clean job will re-design this part with more room between bearing and o-ring carrier to accept minimalist cable glands.
(KISS: keep it simple stupid)

Thrust bearing can be left outside, i had no problem with mine as long as the propeller is not over tight

Where did you see another motor with these dimensions?

Since saltwater isn’t an issue, the new forum is on its way :grin::grin: with counterparts… 48V (in quick details) becomes the new minimum working voltage… (40V in Product Parameters)
Looking forward to the new designs. @Jezza did you ask for the STL files ?
Then there is the price of 410USD per motor for the 10 first pieces. . It is the second time within two weeks we see a powerful waterproof motor on this forum with these dimensions… makes me think this price should go down within a couple of weeks as the competition between Chinese manufacturers is fierce, the RC boat market, esurfboards might also be interested…

What is this forum for?

Where did you see another motor with these dimensions?

Not exactly, this 65150 is the small brother of this 75200…

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That is a completely different motor!!! Thats actually a 70120 motor made by Surpass. One of those has already been tested on this site and blown. I posted about that motor last November Direct drive Inrunner

The 65150 motor is not mass produced and is only made to order. I have already been in contact with them about it. It is made by Reacher.

Yeah, 75xxx is 4 and 8 pole while 65xxx looks 6 pole with kv variations. I do have to agree, i too am a bit suspicious regarding momentum. Wish there was some (non hand drawn) graph of the motor performance. Maybe could be used with slightly bigger impeller if prop fails :frowning:?

The Lift direct drive motor is only 65mm in diameter and around 140-150mm in length. So the 65150 fits that size range pretty well.
If this 75200 is different to the 70120, then it should perform differently.

Add in that the lift does not use more than 6KW of power, then the 65150 seems like the right tool for the job at 6KW for the 100Kv version.

I agree too. What I was meaning is that there seems to be a trend towards those punchy motors due to blossoming e-stuff markets aiming at human transport. I wouldn’t be surprised if this 65150 that is custom today becomes permanent, our community opening the way to others.

That was a joke :blush: based on the assumption that if this 65150 motor holds its promises, this will simplify the DiY e-foil building in such a way that it will attract 98% of the builders.
A revolution always deserves a new start :wink:

Thanks @Jezza for sharing. I am really interested in this motor, cause it eliminate this nasty gear. Looks like this is the Lift Motor. If we find enough people we could place a group order.

As a 1 piece buy, you can get it for around $460 including shipping. I have queried how many we would need in order to get a good discount so lets wait and see. Apparently the motor is in use by a few clients already…I am going to ask for some video’s if possible.