New Direct Drive Inrunner 65150

The corrosionX will remain a liquid. If you opened your motor and it is a paste then it is contaminated with water, or you didn’t put enough and it just coated everything and disappeared. Clean it out with rubbing alcohol and fill it with clean corrosionX.

I just opened my VESC box after months and the corrosionX was good as new. I moved my receiver to inside the box with my VESC now that my 120cm antenna finally arrived.

Thank you for putting up some numbers.

But, I expect my bearings to last for several years. I skateboarded for 10 years. Beat the shit out of my bearings. Most failures were due to corrosion.

The only failures I have seen in these motors are due to moisture, rust, corrosion, or a combination of this and lack of lubrication. My motor is half full of corrosionX in liquid form which is continuously lubricating the bearing, and preventing corrosion.

I’ll let you guys know if / when my motor bearing fails.

And, the motor shaft does have radial loads. It’s caused by what pilots call P-factor, and boaters call Prop Walk.


I’m sure you didn’t mean that you hammered on it.

Do not hammer on it guys!

Just put the rotor in by hand without the front plate on the shaft. Hold the shaft with a rag and use hand force to torque it side to side untill the shaft slides into the back bearing. Then silicone grease the shaft seal, and o-ring, Tef Gel the flange and screw holes and slide the front cover onto the shaft. You might have to “tap” the front cover with a rubber mallet to get it to line up, over come the magnetic force. But go easy, don’t damage the o-ring.


Thanks for all the explanation again. I had to tap the shaft softly with a hammer I should have said. :smile: I opened up the rear cap to see if the rotor was inside the rear bearing. All is fine now. 11s battery no load current about 130 watt full throttle without prop.

Filled a bit of course with our friend Corrosion x.

I needed to change the seal, one was broken, had a cut. It’s pretty straight forward to replace those.

I don’t know if you follow my build, therefore I post here also: log of today

Flipsky 100kv, 12s, gong L foil, FR prop.


Where can we buy those seals?

At your local seal shop. They have a number,like bearing.

Does this motor comes with 3 seals ?

No with two. I replaced both, in the picture you see one old and two new

How many hours did the two previous seal last ? Do you think that the new seals will last any longer ?

Not many hours, maybe like 15? I hope the corrosionX will do it’s magic

Looking forward to seing how these new seals will behave with corrosionX and also to 2020 Maytech motor owners showing their shaft with the recent water-seal plus ceramic rub after 20 hours of use.

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I hit a fishing line.and the line tangled completly around and melted the sealing. What sealing do i need to buy ? Is there a number ?mine completly is melted and destroyed

Oil sealing 12x22x7
Let me try to get a pic

Thanks local shop had them on stock. I also bought the bearing. Do you heat the bearing to place it?

No. Don’t heat it up.


Try a local Bike Store. They helped me here in my town.
Whoops sorry you are talking about placing, I thought removing

Put the bearing in the freezer for a couple hours prior to installing it, should contrast slightly so it will slip into place nicely. Works well for my motorbike wheel bearings.

Try the fridge for my gearbox bearing , didn’t work
May be a cold spray ( found in local sport shop or drug store)