New diy motors 70170 12N14P 120kv,100kv,80kv

This year I did a lot of tests with my motors, I was satisfied, so I would like to offer you!
Motor size D.70xL.170, shaft 12mm,thread m8.
Winding for 120kv 0.4x14 6t. Resistance.
Kv according to your request: 120kv, 100kv, 80kv.
I will make 5 pcs
Finished 2023.01 - 02.
Price 650eu + delivery in Europe

If you are interested, write pm, write your wishes, I will try to fulfill your dreams


beautyfull? Do you have a performance chart?
I would by one, but you need to update the shaft seal to ceramic type. Is your shaft hardend?

Hi, I have test with 144prop. Fr motor vs mine.
130ampers, because I use Zesc raiden 7 max ampers is 140.
But it is enough to start with small boards. I use 12mm stainless steel shaft. About the ceramic seal, it is possible, but I use two oil seals, inside I use mineral oil, after tests it was better as ceramic.

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Is the surface of your stainless steel shaft hardend? If not your seals will run in after a while.

Hi @Eugenio, how are your 2022 DiY motors running in 2023 especially in salt walter ? Do you still manufacture and sell them ?

I use it mostly in fresh water, in salt water I’ve only used it about 20 times. Everything works fine, the motors are excellent, some motors are already 3 years old and they work flawlessly, but it is not profitable to manufacture, it is expensive. Of course I could do if someone ordered