New diy remote using arduino and nrf24

Hello. guys.
I just wanna share my Diy remote for efoil.
It is fully waterproof and have lcd for battery reading and throttle position…
It is made with arduino and software from this guy Electric Skateboard NRF Remote by Twinsen - Thingiverse.
I made some modifications to firmware: fill forward throttle without brake.
Also remote have wirelles charging and uses one 18350 cell.
Range on the open is around 10m ( didnt test range in water)
i will also post my modified code and files for printing in fusion when i clean them a little and collect everithing.
i printed mine on a resin printer but im shure it will print fine on any fdm printer also.
Here are some pictures.
Electrical tape is only for grip, im planing to use bike handle grrip and place it over handle.
Also thare is thin sheet of plastic glued with epoxy in slot over lcd, and waterproof sticker from local office supply store placed over buttons.


NRF24 is a bad choice for radio…

Can you please elaborate why do you think that?

RF24 is unreliable.

  1. difficult to find a legit board that is not a cheap chinese copy
  2. RF24s are super sensitive to power noise.
    2a) they are so sensitive that they often need a separate battery pack
    2b) if they are grounded in any way to your ESC they will experience noise and drop packets. I’ve tried opto-isolators to try to fix. no luck.
    2c) you can read about people using capacitors over the power line to attempt to normalize this.
  3. they often are not shielded properly which has causes some manufacturers to offer shielded models to attempt to fix this.
  4. I have over 100 hours experimenting with these RF24 boards (all models) and have abandoned this RF24 for the reasons above.

I use this Arduino nano with buit in rf24: US $3.94 | Emakefun LGT-RF-Nano for Arduino Nano V3.0 RF-NANO LGT8F328P Integrate NRF24l01+ Micro USB Nano Board with Antenna Interface

Although it took some time to get it working properly (started in 2019), it works well an reliably. I rode over 500km with a remote based on rf24.

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Thank you.
This is realy cool for some projects.
Didnt know tay make this combo bord…
I will get few of this for shure, if not for this remote then for some other projects.

Excellent work, I would like to have a go at building that.

thnak you. it is 99% fiished, i just need to make housing for charging stand an clean up files then i will post everything.


I have cleaned file and collected them, are ready to print.
Everything should fit nicely i hope (fitment is good printed on resin printer).
I will post firmware and instructions how to assemble soon.


How is the remote project coming? Still planning to release all the files? I have some Arduino nanos lying around that is wouldn’t mind to experiment with this!

It is finished…
I have made new firmware that displays telemetry data from vesc, current, temperature, rpm and battery voltage.
Im going on a wacation now and i will try to make short tutorial when i come back.


Hello can you show use wiring diagram and chare the new code?

Thank you so much BR Luka