New dual focbox

Can we run 1motor on a dual focbox ? Solder the 6 wires on one motor and have the 160a rate?
Thank you

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I don’t think you can. But have a look at the new Freefly ARC200. It can do 150A with heatsink and 200A with watercooling.


This one looks nice, but do you know if it has current limiting/control?

I’m currently trying to convince the guys to give me a test unit. Lets see how that goes…

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It is interesting because it is advertised as skate and ebike controller and they go into nice detail about what cooling is capable of what continuous current. Seems promising, 100-150A when bolted to an aluminum chassis.
But it is ~310€ with shipping to Germany, not even sure if including tax. A Trampa VESC 6 is ~285€ with shipping, so I would take that if Freefly doesn’t have current control (which is important for a direct drive).

To me it looks like a VESC. Same connectivity (UART, CAN, USB), same features (up to 60V, current control, duty control, angle/servo mode in experimental (also only works at VESC if tuned right) , 3 Shunt design…), even the exactly same sensor support (same module AS504x (last number is only for sensitivity)).
So I guess they got “lots of inspiration” from the VESC. Although I don’t think you wont have any of the connectivity benefits, since it uses a modified communication protocol (basically it looks like the VESCs, but the commands name and order was changed:
So you have to write everything by your own.
Still it might be nice from the specs.
Otherwise do you really want to draw 100-150A constant? That’s 5-7kW, assuming you have a 1kWh battery that will be ~ 8-12mins.

Trampa Vesc6 is only rated for 80A continuous, 150A Burst. From what I have experienced so far, it should be enough, but only if you find the right propeller right away. Otherwise you’ll go through tons of testing and 80A continuous might be a bit too low.

Freely ARC200 looks nice indeed, but it’s pretty expensive, and we don’t know if it comes with a data logger like Vesc do.

@Giga thanks for the info. No, I don’t plan to use more than 100A continuous, I hope it will be much lower. At the moment I tend to use the Trampa VESC.

@millesth I will use an APS 80100 direct propeller drive, I didn’t find many numbers about current draw here but I would guess that 150A should be more than enough on start up and that the continuous usage will be well below 80A, at least I hope that. Or am I wrong?

Edit: it has data logging: “The Arc200 logs key data and users can review using the windows app. The drive provides a 5V power source for receivers, controllers, and features an API to allow even more advanced integrations.”

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According to the GUI documentation the ARC200 has current control. It really seems like a special VESC 6. The big question for me is if it really has higher quality components that allow for more continuous current or if it is basically the same as a Trampa VESC 6, just with exaggerated specs?

There is even a drawing of an Efoil on this link !
Sound promising.
But what’s great about Vesc data loggers is that you can have Android Apps, meaning that you can record while being on the water.
If the API is available, somebody could create an APP, but the comunity behind the Vesc is so huge, the one behind the Arc is probably not.

You are right, but I would use an Arduino based SD card logging anyway, no Android phone. Will have to see if that works with the ARC too.

Edit: you can poll telemetry data over CAN, UART or USB including the following fields:

  • DC Voltage
  • DC Current
  • Phase Currents
  • Throttle input
  • Fault states
  • RPM measured
  • Drive temperature

That should include all important data.

Here are some more infos and some guys seem to get to test one:

The makers say it is not VESC based though…

I am trying to get Freefly to send me a test unit. I think our needs will properly stress the ESC vs an E-skate. Lets see what happens…

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At the moment I am very tempted to use the ARC for my direct drive set up, so I’m looking forward to your - if you get one - and other reviews!

As an FYI, the ARC isn’t based on VESC and the software/hardware was all designed in house. We will have phone support in the future but can’t give a timeline just yet.

I am following the reviews (or more first impressions so far) on esk8builders and it looks good :slight_smile: waiting on some more in depth review from a user.

Welcome to the forum David! It’s great to have you here!

Thanks for the kind words! We are dedicated to making the best drive available and will be keeping an eye on the efoil/surf crowd since it is such an exciting new application :slight_smile:

I know you have some e-skaters testing them currently, but would there be any chance for some e-foilers to get test units to see how they perform for our needs?

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Sure, who would you recommend? Best donation candidate is someone that will integrate the drive in a timely manner and has a working efoil.