New foil builder in Southern Sweden

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Yes, did the same at the Time ! This let you imagine when it is spinning at 3000rpm in water …

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Milling started, will be the foilmount

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Damn you have access to a nice CNC!!! I wish I could find something that near me.

Yes it is a wonderful machine (Okuma MCR B2) has most stuff but no continous 5axis head and only tiltable in 1degree intervalls.

Engine to gearbox adapter finished, is a modified Pacificmeister design in alu.

Started to do electric stuff, gonna be tight but seems like everything will fit.

I’d watch the heat of the ESC being in such close proximity to the batteries.

my plan was just to have it on top of the batteries but i think i have space to put some kind of plate in between or maybe having it lying on the side in front of the batteries.

Starting to look like something
It will be kind of long because of my propeller axle with 3 bearings.


Did you complete the assembly ?

Been no spare machine time at work, will continue this summer

The slowest build on the site moved a bit forward
Here is a air test

And my board:

It is a Tacuma 140L surfsup with a oroginal foil mount, iknow it is a bit big but my plan is to go slow with a short mast so i think it will work?

My charging station…

And my battery storage:


A dry test, seems good. Need to give alot of throttle before it begins to spin after that i can reduce it and drive on really low rpm, is that normal?

I have the ESCs amp output on minimum, does that only lower the horsepower or do it affect Rpm too?

Did the first real test today, my deadmanbreaker is a piece of crap so had to have my hand to push it in all the time, and the battery box had no mounting system so i was lying over it to hold it in place… Still managed to do a couple of seconds foiling, think this could be addicting :smiley:
Only needed about half throttle to start climbing 12s 10000mah.
Didn’t burn my 60amp breaker :+1:
Is it safe to run 2x6s 10000mah 25c battery? If i stop riding at 3.5volt? Need a bigger battery box if i want to use all four batteries…

Had a problem that it shuttered (turned on off every second) when i was giving it full throttle from standstill
If i pushed it slowly i could climb to full throttle without problem…
500ss motor and flier 400esc 0degree timing
Any thoughts?

i had the problem with the flier 400a esc and sss56114 that it lost synchronization under load and shuttered, stopped spinning. i have changed the timing from 0° to 5°. It’s going well.

I heard once, motor pole count x 2 = timing.

Okay i will try to rise the timing :+1:

Worst video on the site? Probably! But if you watch closely you can see some lift :stuck_out_tongue: