New foil gong for the end of April

Gong announces its new foil model, faster, stronger…


Maybe a reason to put that gong order in @Surfcowboy

Do somebody know, if the foils are fitting to the old Fuslage?

I sent a mail to gong to know the new parameters (mat chord, plate distance …) as well as the possibility or not to mount the old wings on the new fuselage. As soon as I get a feedback from gong I will share it here


In the video, it looks like they have filled in the voids in the mast ? look at 0:12 of the video.

It is a rubber stopper to avoid water infiltration in the mast.

I come back with the information that Gong has kindly given me, namely :
ALLVATOR V1 Alu and RISE wings and stab compatible with the V2.
Cap on the top of the removable mast.
And for the rest here is the copy of the mail :

"Hello Emmanuel,

For the moment all the information we can share about the new foils is on the website. I can nevertheless tell you that the thickness is about 17mm, and that the plugs are removable.

Thank you. "

And I forgot the centre-to-centre distance of the turntable: 90X165 m

In other words not much to go on to draw the masthead from this gong photo:


Those dimensions are enough to get a relatively accurate drawing of the mast… I’ll get one mocked up today as I have a bit of free time…

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The best thing would have been to have the mast rope but they don’t give up at gong …
I will have to order one for my inflatable build MALA…

The mast seems to be in the region of 129-130mm length, 17-17.5mm width. They use a picture which is unfortunate as the angle is not perfect to replicate a drawing exactly. Ideally its better to scan the profile and then recreate drawing like that. But here are a bunch of ± dimensions based off their drawing:

It looks like a decent lower cost foil setup that should have a decent stiffness…
Also great channels for efoil wiring and cooling…



I also want you to ride my 1450 Curve LT while you are on the foil hunt. Interesting as to where it compares.

I’m definitely adding 2 more wings and this mast/fuse before I move on. (If I move on.)

I bought a Gong foil on the 8th of April! lol :upside_down_face:

New or old modèle …

old of course… lol
I will get the new one next year.

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I managed to order the new Gong Allvator V2 foil, I share with you here some pictures.
This is the Rise in size L.
The mast measures 85 cm.

A matte clip is being printed …
I will share with you soon.
( Thanks to Robert for the help )


Is that a custom battery box?

Yes, designed to accommodate a 12s14p with the BMS. On the picture it is the 12s12p pack of my first E-Foil. The closing cover is being machined ( aluminium )

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Nice. ! Pict 1 : looks like there is a hole in the mast plate we could use for our cables: do you confirm ?
Can you give us the mast measurements with a calliper ? You can complete the following diagram if you wish.

Gong mast V2 meas

no hole on the plate, the one on the picture is made by me. I will share the dimensions of the mast … patience, … wait for the end of the printing of the mat flange :wink:

I share with you the dimensions of the new Gong mat.
I also drew a flange for the mat, probably not the best one… I leave you free to criticize :wink: