New FR like Aluminium Propeller $100

I asked Kedean about there prop they said:
“If you just want a propeller it can be $100 but not including the shipping costs.
If it is more than 5, we can include the transportation cost”.


They 3D scanned FR’s prop to copy it. Sad…

Wich one, the 6“ or the 7“?

From where dud you know that they scanned the propeller?

They said optimized Lift “like” prop for there motor.

I don’t know which one, and what I said is speculation but highly possible. FR made this design in EU and milled all of his props in EU as well. The only possible way someone else can copy it is by 3D scanning it or buy the 3D files…

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How to make a propeller mold ?
From Making A Propeller Mold
Interpretation: Part 1 to part3… Orange

How to mould a carbon prop ?

Here I also have very detailed instructions Flying Lines: Molding Propellers, Part 1 -- The Mold

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Does anyone use the motor/prop combo? Is it powerful?

I think no one has it, but @Alexandre said a 65161 motor with flite prop is more powerful and cheaper.

If you want a aluminum propeller it is probably better to wait until David (FR) release a new batch for 651xx motors.
This propeller you would need to drill up in the middle to be able to fit the nut.
It is made in the same way as the lift propeller.
Then you do not know how well balanced the propeller is.

So I personally do not think the price is so good compare to buying the real one from FR.
then better go on some other alternative propellers .

Do anyone know anything more about the motor, is it a 651xx motor or something else ?