New front wing desing

Im starting my build form zero…
3d printed foil and mast reinforced with carbon fiber layers.
Board made forom construction foam and fiberglass.
Started designing front foil wing and just wanna see what you guys thing about my design.
Foil uses eppler 817 hydrofoil profile, and have wingspan of 640mm .

What is aspect ratio and chord?
Did you check best angle of attack for this wing?

I think wing tips are too sharp, it’s not best for hydrodynamics and they will be dangerous
Like this

average chor is 112 and aspect ratio is 5.5.
for angle of attack im not so sure yet.

btw thanks for the tim i totaly forgot on safety…
I will remake that edges.

Also i hope this is not picture of you…
this looks wary panful… .

No it’s not me, from the web.

I’d select a standard mounting interface for the wing so that it’s possible to mix and match different wings (both diy and others) on same fuselage, the current design looks non standard.

Oh yes that will be nice…
I realy didnt know thare is standard for that…
Do you know whare can i finde dimensions or sketch of mounting interface?
Im realy new to all this foiling stuf but im reading a lot and learning quickly…

There’s a thread here already on the mast interfaces, think there’s some wing data too.