New Goldenmotor MOX9 Marine motor, seal-less motor

Hi all, I just found out that Goldenmotor has launched a new electric outboard motor, called the “EZoutboard eXtreme”. Goldenmotor has made electric outboards for quite a long time but this new lineup sparked my interest as they seem to use some new techniques.

They have patented a new contact-less transmission called “MAGPROP™ technology”, according to them it transmits torque using induction:
“The MOX9 Marine Motor is designed to last up to (and probably more than) 10,000 hours maintenance-free. BUT HOW? Introducing our revolutionary patented MAGPROP™ technology, our propellers are driven via electromagnetic induction, enabling our motors to become truly seal-less and maintenance-free”
It is also mentioned that the design is shaft-less(???).

It sounds very interesting, I am curious about how it works. Unfortunately, they don’t show any pictures of how it is assembled. Maybe their patent is still pending, I searched for it but couldn’t find any.

I don’t think the MOX9 motor can be purchased separately, so it is probably not applicable to e-foils. But the seal-less technology is interesting anyways.

Is an outrunner whose magnets are in the hub of the prop.

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How do you know? It doesn’t look like it’s an outrunner from the pictures on the site.

No, that’s my guess
Also works with inrunner

I think everything else is meaningless with too many losses.

Yeah, that’s true. I was also thinking inductive transmission of torque leads to too large losses, but maybe they have some new smart configuration :man_shrugging:

Maybe an axial flux motor? Lots of hype around them these days

There r threads here about potting stator and rotor. This was done years ago. Foildrive have a commercial product that does same.

Motors have an air gap. Water in the gap is no problem. Water doesn’t interrupt magnetic fields. Just keep the gap small no problems.

Bullshit patent. Again.

I am aware of the possibility to seal an outrunner using epoxy.
What is special and interesting in this case are the claims “seal-less” and “shaft-less”. With a potted outrunner you still need a shaft and seals (unless you want to replace bearings constantly…). I mean, I have no idea what goldenmotor is doing, but I think it’s not as simple as a potted outrunner.

Permanent Magnetic Couplings for mechanical power transmission systems some variation on this - I worked on systems like this where the fluid was highly corrosive.

Yes, I have seen solutions like this. It should be able to handle the high torque of a propeller if constructed correctly, though keeping a small diameter and high torque is hard. One thought that struck me is that the coupling must be able to absorb the axial load from the propeller. The force must either be absorbed by the ring of magnets, or another magnet pair mounted axially. Or just a sliding bearing.