New hiorth build


New hiorth build in progress. Got my neugart after 18 weeks :slight_smile:

Started to assemble foil and fuselage. Everything is glued, no treads in this build.

I use a medium size gong surf foil with a 65cm mast. Motor is sss 500kv. Gearbox is neugart 5:1.

All parts printed in petg and reinforced epoxy plus 110g fiber.

Had some fun with stickers from the swedish Air Force as well


The result looks really sleek ! Is it a Blender rendering ?
Just kidding, pictures are awesome. Printed parts: is it “normal” wet application with a brush or infusion ?
Looking forward to your first tests :+1:

looks awesome!
Is the foil and wings also 3d printed?
Which prop is that? Is it off the shelf or also 3d printed?

Looks very Nice :slight_smile: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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:slight_smile: Foil is from gong. Only the parts for the “torpedo” are reinforced with epoxy. I sanded and clear coated them as well.

That damn gearbox. One sure way to extend the lifespan of the gearbox is adequate cooling.

I don’t have the machinery to do this my self but a friend helped me out.

Start of with a solid sly rod. Trim it down so it fits snug in the alu pipe. Drill a center hole, we used a 39mm drill :).

Trim the screws on the neugart flush to the housing.

Slowly increase the inner dia of the cooling ring and make sure to test the dia between runs.

Last move it to make space for the 4 screws holding the gearbox in place.



Made a connector for the board and mast to make transport easier.

Need to test under load to see if it will hold up.

The female gets glued, I’m thinking sika flex, to the board.


Nice, let us know how testing goes.

Update. Been riding some and skills are picking up. Using gong M wing with gong kite stab. Great combination for slalom and speed.

Batteries are amazing. I will see if I can get these pack out to you guys after the summer.


I was looking to make a quick disconnect similar to yours. I was wondering what you use for the water hose connection?

Hi! I use a carbon fiber pipe as male and a lip seal that matches the outer diameter of the pipe as the female.

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Here we go!


Amazing work. Guys, do you know where to get this propeller for 3D printing? (who uses Riwi here) I’d like to try it.
please send a link. thank you very much Lukáš Zajacz, Czech republic.

Remember the mast to board connector? It’s been doing one hell of a good job until now. The main purpose is to make the efoil easier to transport, by separating mast from board. It has, or had, three connectors for the phases to the motor and a pipe for the cooling water to the esc.

It’s been running dry since April but eventually water found its way in to the phases and mixed with the current going to the motor it generated enough heat to melt the 3D printed petg.

Luckily there was no damage to motor or esc.

working on a quick and dirty solution now to get back in the water.

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A machined aluminium part would be the best…? No
Et seul le côté mât a reçu…par le côté planche ?

I don’t think so. The base of the connector should act as an isolator for the three phases.

I would go for SLS printed nylon.

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Amazing! Are you planning to share stl files? I would love to try this


I dont think the design is good enough. There is alot of work to get it in place and when it fails you have to open up the board to get it out.

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Thanks. I would test it anyway. Was thinking to cnc it with delrin Or nylon

Update on the connectors between mast and board. Thank you @gobbla for the initial idea. These are for tx150 connectors with 10 awg cables. Prints are made in the material TPU, very impresed by its strength and flexibility.

There are two different designs, one that uses a lipseal to waterproof around the 10awg wire. the other one does not use a lipseal and needs to be machined, drilled, for a thight fit with the 10 awg. Silicone grease is used to ensure a waterproof seal.

I’ve used both on my setup and there has been no water on the xt150’s after riding.

I think that using TPU is a must in order to get it waterproof.

I use a silicone hose, 12mm od, 8mm id, between the two parts.

STL’s are found here:!99621&authkey=!ALXUQw0uZvWLBCc&fbclid=IwAR1slEm09vbkf4NO5lzraXBWohMObnvhTvo8cwIKOdMTLYl-8Z97wBI-Tzc