NEW in the comunity and want to know about the GEAR!

Hi, I’m new to this world. I want to make my own efoil but have no idea of how to satrt. I’ve seen few DIY videos but I’m confused. I have a lot of knowledege about ·d printing, electronics and these stuff. For now I haven’t worked in HIGH voltage and intensity but it’s probably very similar. The thing is, that i need to know how to start with the project. Rather buying a surf board or an special efoil one or just make it by my own, which foil I need, which motor and propeller, batt and those things.
Thanks :slight_smile:

ALL this obviously with the minium budget as possible. Do you think that with 1000$-2000$ will be enough?

It can be done with $2000 but you’d want to do a lot of reading. All the info you require is on this website.

When you get your read time up to about 4days you can start building as you’ll know all the mistakes the rest of us have made at that stage. You can check your read time progress under your profile summary page.

A lot of standardisation has gone on.

Quickest way:

Old Windsurfer - cut up and fibreglass the end
ESC - Trampa is the best - Flipsky is a cheaper option
Foil/Wing - Lots using Gong XL
Motor: Flipsky Direct drive unit - lots of very recent links
Remote - no good options at present but maytech works if you can waterproof it yourself following this website
Battery - self made, Samsung Q30 cells or buy one but not cheap and is probably the most expensive item of the build

Save all the waterproof issues and mount battery and electronics in box on top of board but this is ugly

A million different ways to try things on here. Take a read before you do anything is the best advise I can give you.

I appreciate it, tanks :sweat_smile:

Looking at the Flipsky Direct drive, is that common because it’s already waterproof and doesn’t need a housing?

Just have to work out the mounting to the mast, gearing and then prop? Does that sound right?

Correct, Also as its direct drive, there is no need for gearing.
Mounting to the mask is typically done with 3d printed parts. (Depends on the mast type)The files are shared on various posts.

Read more before you dive in. Maybe look at my build post as i have used these common parts.

Thanks Ben.

I went through your build at Bens Spanish E-Foil Build - Builds -

Looks awesome.
Heaps of detail there in your post.

When I first got to the forum I was sorting the ‘builds’ section by most viewed but really got sucked into a rabbit hold of older posts.

I was thinking that the motor pod with gearing was going to be the most challenging.

I’ve one of the cheapest, quickest and dirtiest builds i’ve seen here. Was about three weeks build time, 1200USD cost, there’s some info here:

It flies, it’s great fun, totally happy with it for a first build!