New inflatable board for efoil - 5'4" = 160cm for 160€ /175usd + shipping

This is a recent AliExpress item so still to be tested. Length is unsure.
Looks like the Elevate or the Cabratec board.
Minimum order quantity : 10 pieces + 700 USD shipping = 250usd per board + taxes.
[Yes, the first picture is a Fliteboard picture)
Then you have to build a waterproof box to insert in the middle of the board and strong enough to bear the foil attached to it.
@tylerclark, would you show us picts of your electrical box, alone, closed and open ?

I got an orange one like the one on the right. You can also order one it just costs more. It cost me around US$ 350 including shipping and import tax (to CH).
The hole is around 28x70cm.
Quality seems OK, like my SUP. It is 160cm long and 65 cm wide, 12cm thick. Need to build a box.



Can you not order a box anywhere?

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Not from the seller, they were not having one when I bought the board. There is an inflatable board and box available from elevate rocks @Euro 700 for the board as well as for the box (1400 Euro in total plus shipping and tax) I think the measurements are slightly different :frowning:

forgot to mention that if you need a customized size they will build it but with a minimum order quantity of 10.

Trial and error method. The box must be precisely adjusted.
Deflated board: the box must be easily removable
Inflated board: the surfaces of the inner hole must ensure a strong support of the box in case of fall and not be crushed because the board is too inflated.
@tylerclark, @heikendorf1 and to all commercial inflatable board owners: how many mm do you have between the flat deflated board skin and the box flange in the middle of the hole, board and box lying on the ground ?

@sat_be, I presume you have to measure the centre hole width and length, board fully inflated (6 to 8 psi like kitesurfing kites ?) and remove from 2x2 to 2x5 mm along the width only (since the longer side has right angles), cut a couple of test wood boards to calculated dimensions and test how they fit. What do you think ?

Anyone else spot some similarities?? … 45 09

It must be out there somewhere!

@Shaun, spotted that too but official dimensions given by Elevate are bigger. The remote at 249€ is a Maytech one.

Complete Prop unit with mast 1790€
plus Electric components & motorcontroller for above Prop Unit +499€
plus Remote controller/receiver +249€
plus Inflatable Board (~185x80x11cm) with waterproof box (25x60x10cm) 1399€

So if you have a foil already just get batteries (12s Lipo ~360€, LiIon13s with battery management system ~980€) and you can start flying efoil!
If you have windsurf or big foil board already you just need prop unit+electric plug&lay set to start efoiling

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Any more feedback on this inflatable board? Has anyone designed a box or measured precisely the dimensions of the hole?

It doesn’t seem possible to order just one unit anymore

I have ordered some boards, should arrive soon

a good box design will also be finished soon



Do you have a thread where we can follow your progress?

Hi Thorlex, Did you find a good inflatable board company?

Hey guys,

I have ordered one and it arrived form Elevate:

But now I want to build a tow boogie so its for sale.

I’m interesting in your inflatable board, I’m in France, does it possible ?

Hi, is there board still for sale? Is there a box included?

In France, you have two manufacturers. - active. presently down but active on
'LEVOSURF Diy kits - #16 by LEVOSURF

I’ll try to make one from this board.
It is a little bigger but it already has a possible compartment and a mount for a foil and a place to run wires down to the mast (tuttle).

Did you have a look at