New Italian Build

Hello everyone,

I am starting a new build for an efoil (12s battery) and would like some advice on choosing some components


  1. Trampa 75/300
  2. Swordfish X300A
  3. ARC200

Does anyone know which one is more reliable?
Are their programming capabilities similar?
Are there other ESCs that should be taken into considerations excluding clones?


  1. FR Motor System
  2. Maytech MTI 65162
  3. Flipsky 65161 120KV

My preference would be to get the FR motor system but I’ve had a hard time getting an order confirmation. I don’t mind to wait for the unit but not knowing if they will take my order leave me stuck on this option.
The Maytech and Flipsky seem to work well but aren’t as performing as the FR unit, and many have opened them to improve their waterproofing which I would prefer to avoid.
Has anyone successfully used the Maytech MTI 85165?
Are there other motor options with similar characteristics?

The maytech and flipsky motors are basically the same. If you can get a flying rodeo motor unit go for it. And regarding opening the motor it’s pretty easy.

Remove the screws from the shaft side, lift is slightly large enough to be able to fill with corrosion x. And the. Replace the lid. Very easy. Takes 10 minutes max.

With the controller , I haven’t had any issues with my 75/300 besides learning to set it up and playing with the plethora of adjustments and settings.

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Hey Valhalla ,

Thanks on the fast reply.

Are you actively or passively water cooling the esc? I can see the water cooling nipples on the other 2 but not on the Trampa.

Going to have a hard time finding a ARC200, since they have discontinued for like 2 years. I have one that worked well, but I swapped it out to maker-x higher voltage one (Go-FOC HI200/HI100 4-16s 75V 300A electric Surfboard Electric Motorcycle Electric kart bicycle ESC VESC - MakerX)

Between those three choices you listed I would get a Trampa 75/300.

I have mine cooled passively in a metalbox on top of the mast. Other people have passive cooling systems, or added on an pumped system.

Hi Bryce, can you show me your ESC cooling design? I was also going to use my mast for that. It would be a pity to not use this big piece of metal to dissipate heat. Did you estimate how much heat your ESC needed to dissipate?

Oops, sorry, I just saw you already shared your build with me… I wasn’t ready but now I am!

Built it and haven’t had a problem, although i got that part done for in oct or Nov and the water temp was already <50f. Couple times I checked I got it up to maybe 30C, no logs but displayed on the maytech remote.

I have finally recieved the Flipsky motor, i am about to open it and fill it with Corrosion X. What do you mean by replace the lid?

Thank you for your time,


Replace as In put the back the end cap of the motor.

So basically unscrew the motor on the shaft side. Separate the cap from the main housing. This may require a couple taps around with a thin screwdriver or blade. Be careful of the O rings. Once they separate from each other pull away just enough where you can see the windings. You don’t have to pull the cap completely off. What I did was put corrosion x into a cup and creased an edge of the cup to pour in the opening. Let it soak in and add more as necessary. Maybe 6 oz. once done replace the lid on the housing of the motor and tap it back in. It’s a pain the butt this part. I used a small rubber mallet. Also careful of the o rings


Thanks a lot for the precise instructions!

why do you put corrosion x in the motor? is this some kind of non electrical oil?