New Kid on the block Awake Vinga

Proud that my hometown is able to move into efoil territory. Their 20kW jetboards are quite impressive.
This will certainly be positioned above Flite/Lift/Aerofoils, but there could be some space and inspiration for us DIY:ers.


Do we know anything about their motor / ESC setup?

Here is some more info, but not much technical specs yet:

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Hold on… so you’ve come here to redirect people to your website that then redirects to your own forum…
Thats a little cheeky! :wink:

the awake surfboards use some sort of whack propeller in a tube thing

but the new efoil they are launching has a strange motor setup:

it looks like a typical 6384 in a tube but instead of a prop they built some sort of tube/impeller/prop hybrid. I’m by no means a jet pump expert but I think they are probably losing power doing this vs a prop but its certainly safer.

Has anyone seen this propeller/impeller tube setup before?

Whack propeller in tube is called a waterjet and uses an impeller (screw) that can build pressure in the nozzle that has smaller area. It is not as efficient as a prop over a broad range of speeds, but has other advantages.

Nice write-up Andreas! Quite silly thought to place in luxury segment and not include bags in the price…

18,929 EUR incl. 19% VAT
What is this thing made of?

Why do most water jets have their intakes at the bottom and not at the rear like Awake’s?

I understand some power is lost in a water jet when the water has to rise from the intake to the nozzle. In that case looks like Awake might be getting benefits.

I’m no water jet expert but as I understand it the thrust comes from pressure differential between the tube and the nozzle. awakes nozzle is almost the same size as the tube the impeller is spinning in. In this case is it even a pump? Or just a propeller in a tube ? Since it’s underwater anyway does it even matter ?

Looks nice anyway, But I think their biggest problem is, with this price they have to compete with flite and Audi Etron efoil… Thats gonna be tough… Efficiency will never be as good as a propeller… So with efoils on the market like Takuma, waydoo or sifly improving in quality for a price around 6000€, I think it is not a big seller when we talk about numbers…Well let`s see but I would prefer one for 6000€ and if I have the money then definately the Audi etron foil…

E Takuma has a new jet board also.