New Liquid Force Reinforcement Alu Block Removal

Hello all,

I recently bought a new Liquid Force Mast to upgrade my current liquid force mast. Even though their mast profile hasn’t changed, the new version comes with a 20cm long aluminum block in the center cavity which blocks the possibility of running any wires. Therefore, I’m on a mission to remove this alu block and make this mast great again lol.

I already removed the pin that was in place but it seems like the block is still glued with epoxy. I’ve tapped a screw and wasn’t able to pull it out so I decided to hammer it down and I broke the screw. I’ve drilled two new holes but I’d like to get some ideas on how to pull this thing out before doing further damage. I’m reluctant to apply heat because it could damage the mast. I’m more likely to go with the chemical or mechanical route. Did anybody remove this alu block before? What kind of chemicals would be effective? Let me know your thoughts!

I was able to drive it out with a 1/4" x 1" steel flat bar and a 3lb hammer. I also applied some penetrating oil. I bought a 30" mast and this was only on one end, so the flat bar was around 36 inches long.

BTW, that filler is about 6" long

I see! I’m thinking of pouring some Goof Off in the mast and let it sit for a bit! Do you think it would be possible to pull it out or I should really get a long steel bar and hammer it out?

What penetrating oil did you use?

I put 2 blocks of wood spaced for the filled to pass by. As hard as I had to hit it, I have doubt you will be able to pull it out. I started out with 1/8" flat bar and it only vibrated.

I see! I’ll look into getting a steel flat bar! Thanks for sharing this tip!

I am lucky to have a steel supplier a few miles from me and can buy cut lengths

What penetrating oil did you use?

It is called FreeAll. Really impressive stuff.

1- drill _____ 2 - thread _____3- insert a screw ____4- use sthg like a ball bearing extractor

I removed two different ones on two different masts using a hydrolic press. Super easy!

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Alright so this morning I bought a 1 1/4in by 1/4 thick steel flat bar to remove this 20cm alu block from the mast. I also let the mast soak in WD40 for the whole day before trying to hammer it out. Unfortunately, it didn’t move. I didn’t hammer it with a sledgehammer or went very hard with it but it still didn’t move. Should I try to let it soak in solvent overnight and try again with a better/bigger hammer tomorrow? Not sure what to do here and I don’t want to damage the mast either.

Bigger hammer. I might have even used a sledge hammer to get it moving. Choke the handle to give it a deliberate impact. You will see very little movement but it will move. I doubt letting it soak over night will help.

Try to use a heat gun to warm up the glue then the hammer

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Any luck getting it out?

No, I bought a 4lbs hammer and were able to give it some good hits but nothing moved! I didn’t go full swing on it though. I will probably heat it up at this point. I have a friend who has a metal shop so I will consult with him to see what he can do! I let it soak in Goof Off and I doubt this did anything!

You can always press it out hydraulically. The metal working shop should have a press or porta power jack.

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Yes, my friend will try to press it out with a hydraulic press tomorrow! Fingers crossed! Once I get it out, I plan on cutting on piece of it and glue it back in for reinforcement! Might not be necessary but better be safe than sorry!

Any tips on how to set it up on a press without damaging the mast?

It is probably about 8" long and will interfere with your wiring