New Machine for motor production, production efficiency and heat dissipation performance improved!

We just purchased new machine for motor case heat.
This can easily heat the motor case, so can much easier wind wires inside, before we got the machine, the wires is hard to be wind inside of the case, which takes much longer time and can’t get best performance.
Now we got this, the wires winding process is much easier and faster, also the wires can better fit into the case, motor heat dissipation performance can be much better.

How much such machine costs?
I’ll trying to get prices from manufactures for winding machines (cnc coil winder machines), and depending of country and model the price is 4000-50000$

That machine has nothing to do with winding! It’s just heating the motor housing to make it expand so that its easier to insert the already pre-wound stator…

That’s what I was thinking , and winding was not probably done in the can before, so yes it is nice and just a way to put the link to the product

It would be nice to see a video of a inrunner winding

Hey Agnes, would you have such videos showing the difference between the winding of an inrunner motor and the winding of an outrunner motor ?
Could you ask around you or … film it ? :wink:

Yeah, I see, that’s why I said “such machine” and mentioned price for another machines I already asked at manufactures

Best Winding ist worked from hand. :smirk: