New Maytech ESC MTSF 300Amp Opto for sale

I have 1 extra Maytech V2 ESC for sale which I bought for testing. This is new, no cut wires. Asking $699.00 for this forum only. Will ship to usa addresses.

image image image image

@MauiMan Any feedback on it?


Yeah, the one I have on my board works great. It has capacity to do 300amps so plenty for either propeller or jetdrive. The connectors are well protected from water so you can operate it worry free. It is nice and low profile so it fits well under a hatch. Are you interested?

I were thinking about it for my next build but the Flier Boat 400A 16S looks like providing same specs for a more reasonnable price. What do you think about?

Well I dont want to influence your decision. I used the 400amp flier in my last build. I have it for sale if you want to buy it. I just like the cleanliness of the maytech and it is watertight in case your hatch leaks. The flier will blow if you have any water issues.

You title made me think you were selling the Maytech V2 remote control :wink:

If I remember well it is a cased SEAL300. Did you program the max current at all ?

Oh thanks for letting me know. I will update the title.

I have not programmed the max current. I am using all factory defaults. Eileen from Maytech stated I did not have to program it but I can if I want.