New motor 70165 KV120

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Should have made it a 140kv…
That prop is also useless…

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Any datasheets detailing advantages over the 6-pole 65151?

Motor power increase, can increase the load revolution, no need to KV140, 70165, KV120 tested is suitable

Yes, they will be sent later

Yes, but build a 140Kv and you’ll see it will run a foil faster than the 120kv…

Which company are you representing?

The motor has a 60% throttle speed of 40km/h with the matching Erayfoil remote control

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So you represent Erayfoil clearly! As it would match the exact same speed with any other remote.
What are you planning on selling the motors for?

You can buy them on our Eryfoil remote control website

Post a link to the motor where its for sale then…

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It’s not on your AliExpress site if thats what you mean…

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I don’t see these motors for sale anywhere either.

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Think adding the magic numbers 70165 to the Aliexpress ad would help customer finding this product ?

Can you please provide some More measurements and log from a vesc with you configuration that you say go in 40km/h with 60% load. What battery volt, foil, propeller was used etc.

14S, using the 7 1/4 6 propeller with the 70165 motor

What current do you have when starting?

Due to the increase of motor torque, the starting current is smaller than 65161, and the rising current of the hydrofoil is kept at about 30A

Can you not provide some logs from a run so we can see current and speed, duty cycle with your propeller. That would be nice so we can compare with logs from 65161

Sorry, but peak efficiency (80%) is at 4kw exactly, this is good for racing.
50% efficiency at the regular 2kw point that efoilers crouse at will be at battery burner.
Hope the graph is incorrect, would like to try when a normal 12mm shaft version comes.