New motor set for efoils

Found this on aliexpress.
Looks promising and similar to or but comes from china…
Would like to test it but price is crazy as well. with tax/costums and everything it adds up to about 3200$ just for the motor unit:grimacing: Tried to negotiate but they do not sell below 2500$ ex china…which makes no sense…

But hey, seems like you get this very expensive and high quality ESC for free: :smile:,searchweb201602_9,searchweb201603_60

Better off with @Flying_Rodeo at those prices: Much better value and very proven:

for sure, that alibaba offer is a joke!?

That’s an insanely high price! I wonder who they are getting the motor from though. The specs are also all over the place!

Good spot on the ESC!

Here is the link to stats for the motor, where mathematically, none of them make any sense or actually add up :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Company is located in Wuxi. Nice coincidence since I will be in this town at mid Oct. I can bring some, who is interested :slight_smile:

It looks like it might be the 70120 2Y motor that someone on here tested, and burnt out!

Not sure you will find many interested members at that price but there might be a lot to learn if you go there as a person who wants to buy 500 pieces…
The company details mention: Business Type = Trading Company
however you should be allowed to take pictures including of an open motor.

Did you have the opportunity to go and visit them ?
The motor price has gone down: 2047usd for a sample delivered to the US … still too high though …